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Functions not mentioned in the
Maycom AR-108 Manual


How to delete a memory channel:

Push MR and use the UP/DN buttons to select desired memory channel.

Enter the Memeory Set mode FUNC + MR.

Push and hold FUNC + MON down for more than 1 second.

Now are the desired memory channel deleted.

Display test

Push and hold AI and turn the scanner on.

Now you will se all the segments of the AR-108 display.

How to reset the Maycom AR-108 
to the factory settings:

Push and hold AI + FUNC and turn the scanner on.

The message INITIAL are shown in the display..

Now is the Maycom AR-108 reset to the factory settings,

with 124 MHz stored i memory channel 1 in the Air band,

and with 156 MHz stored i memory channel 1 in the "VHF band".


How to change the Maycom AR-108 from an American version (with WX-channels) to an European version (with full VHF coverage from 136 MHz to 180 MHz):

Open the receiver an solder the solder path's marked OP 4.



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