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KENWOOD TS-2000 12 kHz IF Output.


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The KENWOOD TS-2000 transceiver has a final intermediate frequency of 12 kHz. This frequency is suitable for a number of external applications, such as Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and an external DRM demodulator. Both digital signal processing and demodulation of DRM signals can be done with a PC with soundcard and suitable software. Unfortunately KENWOOD haven't made an 12 kHz IF Output. However, if you are comfortable working with surface mounted components and delicate electronics, you can make your own 12 kHz IF Output on your TS-2000. This modification is based on a description I received from LA6XJ Kjell Holen, and slightly modified by my self LA8OKA Martin Storli. My modifications is the use of the ACC2 Connector as a mean of permanent output, and the use of a 1 μF Capacitor. (Kjell Holen used a 22 nF Capacitor.)

Before you do this, please make sure you understands the consequences this modification or failure of this modification can lead to:

Work description:

Fig. 1: Block Diagram showing the new 12 kHz IF Output in blue.


Fig. 2: Schematic Diagram showing the new 1 μF Capacitor and the new 12 kHz IF Output in blue.


Fig. 3: The Printed Circuit Board showing the connection point of the 1 μF Capacitor.
Please note that Fig. 3 is component side view.

Fig. 4: The Printed Circuit Board showing the connection point at Pin 6 on the ACC2 Connector.
Please note that Fig. 4 is foil side view.

Fig. 5: The ACC2 Connector.

To test your new modification, you can try one of these Software Demodulators:

Good luck!

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